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Friday, April 17, 2015

Have You Considered a Mother's Day Summer Camp Promotion?

Summer Camp and Mother's Day Were Made for Each Other. There's Lots of New Enrollment to Be Had By Offering a Mother's Day Promotion at Your Camp.

One of the most effective ways to get the most bang for your marketing buck is tying in a promotion to a Holiday.

Here's a few examples:

  • A suit company gives men a free tie on Father's Day
  • A candy store gives you a free chocolate bunny on Easter
  • A baseball team gives you a free Jackie Robinson replica sports jersey on April 15, the day Jackie Robinson debuted in the big leagues (Jackie Robinson Day isn't a national holiday, but it should be and you get the idea...)

So it seems pretty clear, Holidays and promotions go together. People are conditioned to spending money in conjunction with Holidays. That's why so many brands center promotions around them.

If you're wondering what I'm getting at, it's this: Mother's Day and summer camp go together. Offering a Mother's Day promotion is just about the most timely and relevant marketing strategy you could do.

Here's why:

  • Mother's Day is exclusively for moms
  • Mother's Day falls in May when the weather's warming up, school's winding down, and families are contemplating camp opportunities for their kids
  • Most moms are responsible for arranging their kids' summer schedules
  • Most mom's pay for camp
  • Most moms love saving money
  • Most Moms respond to offers just for them

Running a Mother's Day summer camp promotion could be the fastest way to generate a huge bunch of enrollments in the shortest possible time for your camp. An enticing offer that gets moms to sign up for camp RIGHT NOW could be just what you need to get a huge enrollment spike in a very short period of time -- even just a few hours.

Last year I got 41 enrollments in 12 hours by doing a Mother's Day Promotion via email where I offered a $7 discount per day (which was actually just rolling back prices to Early Bird rates which expired a few weeks earlier) to prior year families who hadn't signed up yet.

Now if I'm being honest, I pretty sure getting that many enrollments in just one day was some kind of fluke because it's easily the single best enrollment day I've ever had in comparison to the work required (basically typing a 15 minute email message) to get all those enrollments in the first place.

But I'm definitely doing it again this Mother's Day, and if I only get half that many sign-ups this time, I'll be happy.

I realize some camps don't like giving discounts. But if you want to generate a bunch of new money in short period of time, this is one of the best ways to do it. You need to think of what you're getting -- a ton of new enrollment in no time flat -- compared to what you're not. (There's no way 41 people would've signed up for Aloha Beach Camp in 12 hours on Mother's Day without this promotion.)

If you decide to do something like this for your camp, keep a few things in mind.

Your promotion needs to stand out and really catch the eye of your target market (moms), because everyone and their brother saves their best marketing gimmicks and promotions for Holidays. You'll be competing against flower shops, candy companies, restaurants offering Mother's Day Brunch, all of that.

At the same time, you shouldn't have too much trouble, because simply by virtue of being a camp, you've got a HUGE head-start over all those other brands. That's because Mother's Day is the time of year Moms are thinking of camp anyway. Offering a small discount in connection with Mother's Day is a timely, relevant summer camp marketing strategy that can work wonders for your program.

Friday, March 6, 2015

How I Got 152 Pinterest Followers in 27 Days

Less than 4 weeks ago I had just 23 followers on Pinterest. Today I have 175. That's a net gain of 152 followers in 27 days. Let me show you how I did it.

First of all, I'm a big believer in stealing (maybe "borrowing" is a better word) marketing ideas from other people and applying them to my own summer camp marketing.

So I looked around at some of the big players on Pinterest -- those people and companies in my niche (kids, moms, camp, etc). who had a ridiculously large number of followers compared to most other people out there -- to see what commonalities they shared.

It didn't take long till I discovered that many of these people didn't just have tons tons of followers, they followed tons of people (and companies) themselves

Ah ha! 
So here's what I did. I came up with this theory that if I just started following boatloads of people who were remotely interested in the same things I am, they'd start following me back in droves. I decided to put this theory into practice and test whether it would work or not.

So what I did was, I started following more and more (and MORE!) people every day on Pinterest with the hope they'd follow me back.

It worked! I started getting many new follwers each day. And I keep getting them all the time. Just today I got 6 new Pinterest followers already.

Now even though my theory worked, I felt like I needed to fine-tune the details.

I did that by playing around Pinterest on my own here and there, and watching about 20 or 25 "How to get More Followers on Pinterest" videos to see if I could get any ideas.

So guess what I did for you? Out of the 25 videos I watched, I hand-picked the VERY BEST ONE to share with you.

Not only is this guy funny and entertaining, he describes an exact step-by-step process for how to get more followers on Pinterest.

Please trust me on this.

Watch this video a few times, then do EXACTLY what this guy says to do, and bingo, your Pinterest followers will start to grow immediately -- that's my guarantee to you. Have fun!

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