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3 Easy Ways to Monitor Your Competition

Let’s face it, we’re all friends in the camp community but lots of us are going after the same kids, too. That’s why it’s s always a good idea to stay on top of your competition. 
Ideally your competitors will be reacting to your marketing activities rather than you reacting to theirs. In any case you should stay apprised of what they’re doing. Here’s three easy ways to do it.

1. Sign up for Google Alerts.  Just input your topics of interest (in this case, the names of your camp competitors or anything else you’re interested in following), and you’ll get email updates from Google whenever your chosen topics appear on the Internet. You can get the alerts once a week, once a day, or even as they happen depending on your preference.

2. Get on your competitor’s email (or snail mail) list. Create a new email account for yourself with a free service like Yahoo or Gmail. (Don’t use your camp’s name in your new email address because you don’t want your competitors to know what you’re doing.) Then, go to their websites and sign up for their newsletters (or whatever other tools they use to keep in touch with their customers.) When your competition sends updates to their customers and prospects, you’ll get the same information.

3. Make a point of reading your competitors’ blogs. If they have any sense about them, your competitors are be updating their blogs at least three times per week. Most of the time they’ll be posting information like “what’s new at camp” and all that. You can get some great information they don’t want you to know this way.

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