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63 Killer Marketing Strategies for Your Camp

Dan Kennedy is one of the top 4 or 5 marketers in the world, in my opinion. I’ve read all of his books and  recommend you do, too. You can get a wealth of marketing ideas from Dan in just one chapter.

I won’t lie, Dan’s marketing style is somewhat “edgy.” So you need to decide for yourself whether you’re comfortable adapting his ideas to your marketing program. But I’ll tell you what, they work.

You can do a search on Amazon for Dan Kennedy to find his books. “No BS Success,” “The Ultimate Sales Letter” and “The Ultimate Marketing Plan” are my three favorites.

Meanwhile, there’s 63-point “Killer Marketing Checklist” Dan put together which you can read on the internet for free. Whether you are starting a new camp, need to increase camper retention , writing a marketing plan, drafting a sales letter, overhauling your camp’s marketing program, looking for new marketing ideas or doing anything else even remotley related to marketing your camp, you owe it to yourself to take a look at this.

Although it’s about 89 pages in pdf format, it’s a literal goldmine in terms of how much it can help you market your camp starting now. Click here to get it. (Rememeber, it’s FREE, but it can help you add more than a few bucks to your bank, that’s for sure.)


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