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Always Use the Telephone to Follow Up With a Prospect

Even in the age of the Internet, the telephone is one of your best friends in marketing your camp. In fact, it’s a nice compliment to your online promotional activities.

If you haven’t already, you’ll probably start getting phone inquiries from prospective camp families soon . When people call to request your brochure, video, CD, or other promotional pieces, make sure you get their phone number and email address (at the least) so you can make a FOLLOW UP call to them between 7 to 10 days after you send out the info.

Don’t think of making a follow up phone call as “telemarketing.” For one thing, THEY initiated the relationship with YOU by calling for information. So you’re just giving them a friendly call to say hi, confirm they got your info and answer any questions they have. Not only will your prospect appreciate your follow up, you’ll increase your inquiry-to-enrollment covenversion rates this way.

So don’t be lazy and wait for the prospect to call you back, because they might never do it. Be proactive and get on the phone!

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