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Do it yourself camp websites

Did you know you can design your own website, even if you don’t know HTML or other programming languages? Why continue to pay someone else to make your camp’s website or maintain it when you can do it yourself and make it look just as good and functional?

If you can cut and paste, drag and drop, or click a link, you can make your own site with all the bells and whistles. There’s lots of “do it yourself website” programs to choose from. Some are better than others. They’ll all give you more control and cost you less than if you’re beholden to a professional “website designer” or “webmaster” who has lots of other clients, doesn’t provide the customer service you deserve and charges you an arm and a leg every time you need to make a content change or add a photo. (As the guy I used to pay to design Aloha Beach,  Keiki and my other sites confided in me recently “all the ‘create your own website programs’ are making it tough on us professionals to compete.”)

When you’re ready to make your own website, here are some companies to consider:


Those four should get you started. For more ideas, Google “Do it yourself websites” or “Make your own website.” The main thing to remember is your camp can have a really nice web presence without the cost and headaches or working with someone from the outside, if you’re just willing to put in the time to do it yourself.

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