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Do Your Camp’s Website Have FAQ Page?

I spent a few hours today checking out your website. Well, maybe not your website. But I did pick 25 summer camp websites at random to see which ones had FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages. About half of them did not.

Why You Need an FAQ page

If your camp’s website doesn’t have an FAQ page, you should add one. Here’s why:

1. It’s good customer service
2. Search engines favor FAQ pages
3. FAQ pages can help promote and sell your camp services
4. FAQ pages can be a huge time-saver for you. (You’re probably getting the same questions over and over again anyway, so why not put them on your site?)

Your FAQ page must be detailed and informative. Anticipate customer questions in advance, then put them online. Make them easily accessible from your home page. And don’t worry about having too many FAQ’s or giving out too much information; in fact, the more, the better.

Search Engines Love FAQ Pages

Here’s why search engines love FAQ’s. When people visit Google, more times than not they enter a question to find what they’re looking for.  In response, Google wants to deliver the most relevant possible results to the user’s query. So if your FAQ page contains relevant information — and, even better, matches the questions users are asking Google verbatim — BINGO! You could find your summer camp’s FAQ page at the top of Google’s search results in no time.

(Lesson here: Anticipate EVERY possible question a customer or prospect might ask, then put it on your FAQ page!)

Update Your FAQ Page Often

Here’s another thing. Don’t just put your FAQ page online and forget about it. The internet is 100% content-driven and hates stagnant material. In fact, Google LOVES fresh content, so update your FAQ page regularly just like you would your blog (your do have a blog, right?) with new, relevant information on a regular basis.

Then sit back and smile as you watch your FAQ page rise in the search engines faster than you can say “happy camper!” ๐Ÿ™‚

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