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Does Your Camp Have a Blog?

I assume you have a blog for your camp. There’s too many good reasons not to. And there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t. On the chance you don’t have one, but you’re considering starting one, here’s how to do it and what you need to know.

Go to or and sign up for a free account. Either is suitable for any kind of camp, and both let you post pictures, video and text easily. (Personally I think WordPress has more functionality, and most people seem to like it better, but I prefer Blogger. Blogger’s owned by Google, so your blog could be viewed more favorably in the search engine rankings each time you make a blog post.)

In any case, make sure you submit your blog url to google’s blog search ping service (free) at, and burn it at Feedburner ( — another google owned service) for better promotion and distribution. Have fun!

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