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How to Rise in Google’s Search Result Rankings By Writing Articles About Camp

One of most effective ways to rise in Google’s search results is accumulating links back to your website. The sheer number of links isn’t as important as the quality, popularity, and general content of the site they come from. One link to your site from another that Google considers “important” is a better than, say, 10 other links from sites Google considers “unimportant” (Google’s words, not mine).

Getting links to your website isn’t always easy, but there are ways to do it. One of the best I’ve found is by writing articles related to your industry and making them available for distribution on other sites. Here’s how it works.

Log onto Google and type in, “submit your articles” or “article marketing sites.” Pick 4 or 5 sites that seem decent to you. Create a free account, start writing and posting your articles to these sites, then watch the magic happen.

Magic? In terms of getting FREE distribution of your links across the internet, yes. Here’s why.

After you submit your articles to these sites, other internet authors (bloggers, etc.) will then use your articles as content on their sites. (You grant them this right in exchange for posting your article for free, but don’t worry, you’ll still retain copyright).

Now here’s the thing. You must ALWAYS include a link back to your website within your articles, because when these other bloggers and writers post your articles to their sites, they’ll post your links along with them.

It’s pretty amazing. You can see how writing just one article can get links pointing back to your website on literally thousands of other sites in just minutes!

One or two things to think about. Make sure your articles are well-written and relevant. The internet is filled with piss-poor content due to other article marketers using this strategy as a means to get quick exposure.

Also, avoid including your links in the body of your articles. Save them for the byline to maintain your credibility.

If you want to see some examples of articles I’ve written and how they link back to my site, check out some of the articles I’ve written for

I hope you give article marketing a try. It’s a great way to get links back to your site, establish yourself as an expert in camping and hopefully pick up a bunch of new campers fast.

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