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Google’s Dominant, But the Other Search Engines Still Matter

Here’s a quick tidbit of information regarding the search engines and related user information. When users (your prospects) conduct an online search, Google gets just over 60% of those searches while  Yahoo gets about 20%, MSN about 10% and the remaining 10% is spread among all the other search engines.

What can you do with this information?  We’ll, if you’re using pay per click advertising, you might devote 60% of your ad budget to Google, 20% to Yahoo and 10% to MSN.

But here’s a secret: From what I’ve seen, Yahoo uses the info you put into the title bar more than the other search engines, so you have an opportunity by writing a good title tag to really shoot up in Yahoo’s organic (natural) search results for free. And by extension, you might decide to put more of your ad budget into Google. That’s what I’d do…

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  1. MountainDayCamp MountainDayCamp December 12, 2009

    Don't forget about Bing too!

    Just read a great article from the Word of Mouth Marketing Assn on FB and now that Google and other search engines are linking to Twitter and FB.

    Immediately after reading the article, I started noticing google alerts relating to tweets and things being picked up by other twitter related applications.

    I think that folks that are already doing social marketing have an advantage b/c they are more in tune with getting better search results for their programs, and now the social marketing stuff will help (or harm) us,depending on how we tap into it.

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