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How to Boost Sales in the Off Season by Selling Gift Certificates to Camp

Here’s a quick and easy way to boost off-season sales and pick up some new campers at the same time: The Holidays are coming, so why not sell gift certificates to your camp?

Contact your camper families to let them know you offer gift certificates. Remind them that gift certificates make great holiday gifts for their family and friends. Here’s an example.

Let’s say Joey attended your camp last summer. You contact Joey’s folks to let them know you’re now offering gift certificates, and that you’re selling them in $50 denominations (or whatever amount you want). You mention to Joey’s mom you thought she might be interested because Joey probably has lots of friends who didn’t come to camp with him last summer, but who might want to try your camp next year.

So you ask Joey’s mom if she’d like to buy a gift certificate for Joey’s family as a holiday gift.

Now here’s where it really gets good.

Not only have you just made an extra $50 in the off season, you’ve also aquired Joey’s friend as a new camper. When Joey’s friend gets the gift certificate for his Holiday’s gift, he’ll want to up for camp!

Regarding the gift certificates themselves, I suggest offering them online, if possible, to reduce your printing and distribution costs. Gift certificates can easily be created and delivered electronically.

In a seasonal business like camp, you’re always looking for ways to make an extra buck. An additional revenue stream, especially outside the summer season, is a dream come true. The Holiday’s are coming, so why not start selling your first gift certificate today

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