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How to Market Your Camp to Groups and Associations

You can make a lot more headway — and sign up a lot more kids — marketing to large groups of people at once. Why not promote your camp to trade Assocation members, churches, schools or any other groups with large membership bodies?

Here’s how to do it for a trade Assocation.

1. Identify the group whose members you think would be interested in camp for their kids. Here’s a list of trade Assocaitions to get you started.

2. Contact the Executive Director of the Assocation. Introduce yourself and ask if they’d be interested in having you speak to their members about the benefits of the camp experience. You might even offer to give their members a discount if they sign up for camp; this is an added incentive for them to let you speak to their group and a nice financial benefit for their members, too.

3. When speaking to the group, discuss the camp experience in general for the most part. How to choose a camp and questions to ask the camp director are good topics for your speech and will hold to audience’s attention. Mention your camp specifically only at the end. This brief mention of your program will act as a teaser.

4. Before you wrap up, hold a question and answer period. You’ll find that everyone in attendance will certainly be interested in sending their kids to camp, but the focus of their interest will be on YOUR camp. You can’t beat that!

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