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How to Market Your Camp with Coupons

You may already know I’m a BIG proponent of marketing with coupons. Studies show coupon use among consumers continues to rise. Everyone wants to save a buck or two. So if you offer some kind of discount at your camp, you’re likely to pick some new customers you wouldn’t have otherwise gotten.

You also might know I run my own Coupon website exclusively for camps. It’s called Camp If you’re interested, you can put a coupon on there for free. How often do you get the chance to promote your program for free?

However you use the Camp site is up to you. You can list any kind discount you want. Aloha Beach Camp offers $25 off a camp session of 5 days or more. Another camp offers a free horseback riding lesson. Another discounted registration. It’s totally up to you.

Best thing about Camp Coupons is, it’s produced on a blog-style platorm meaning it’s updated often. The more it’s updated, the higher and faster the site will rise in Google’s search result rankings because Google (and all the other search engines) love new content.

(It’s a domino effect that benefits all of us: The more coupons that get added, the more often the site gets updated, and then the higher the site gets ranked in Google.)

You can post your coupon in any of four categories: day camp coupons, overnight camp coupons, specialty camp coupons or sports camp coupons. (If you’d like us to add a new category we might be able to.)

You can even include a picture of your camp and make free unlimited changes and updates to your coupon anytime.

Wanna do it?

Go to and add your coupon today.

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