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How to You Feel About Marketing?

Personally I love marketing — everything about it. I love sales, too. I get a thrill when I close the sale (get an enrollment) after speaking with a parent and signing up their kid for camp. Something about that’s exciting to me. But I know many camp directors hate selling. They hate marketing. So I thought I’d throw this topic out for discussion…Do you like marketing? Hate it? What do you like least or most? Hope we can engage in a fun discussion about this.

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  1. MountainDayCamp MountainDayCamp December 12, 2009

    I used to hate it, but now its part of my job that I really have grown to like! It is about 80% of my job in the off season and I think that's the way it should be. I'm grateful for the marketing courses I took in college as a business major before I changed to a rec major too, having that foundation (plus doing tons of reading) has enabled me to keep a job in the field I love. We grew and opened programs in new markets last summer, despite economic woes, so now we are excited to build on that momentum and keep exceeding expectations of our customers over this next year.

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