I'll Bet Your Camp's Website Looks Like Hell on a Cell Phone

I’ll bet your website looks like hell on a cell phone. Mine sure does. So we both need to do something about it or we’re gonna piss of our customers. Then they'll go to a different camp’s website that DOES work on their cell phones. We don't want that!

Try this experiment. Check our your camp's website on your cell phone. Not too pretty, right?

Here’s why I’m writing this post. Last night I was talking to one of my camp directors, Lisa Correa, on her cell phone. I asked her to jump on her computer so I could show her a new website I found.

"I don't have a computer," she said, "because my cell phone's my computer.”

Lisa’s not alone. Did you know four times as many cell phones are bought for every one personal computer? That means there’s a shitload of people whose main Internet access point is via their cell phones.

Problem is, most websites don’t work on cell phones.

To get them to work, you need:

1. A .mobi domain name address (.coms don't generally work); and
2. The site needs to be configured correctly.

I’ve already registered alohabeachcamp.mobi for my day camp. I’m in the process of setting up my site so mobile users can be confident it'll work on their phones. I hope you’ll do the same for your camp's website, too.

You can register your .mobi domain name anywhere, but godaddy.com is the cheapest I've found. I’ve also been doing some research, and I think one of the best places to create your .mobi site is at http://www.site.mobi. But I'm sure there's others, so you might wanna do your own research, too.

Anyway, site.mobi is a good starting point, just to learn more about all this. Check it out when you get the chance. Then start delivering your camp’s Internet content to mobile devices everywhere so more people than ever can learn about your camp.

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