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Never Pay for a Full Page Ad

I discussed print advertising a while ago, but wanted to revisit the idea about how you can save money when doing so. The newspaper industry’s in a tailspin and many magazines are getting crushed as many companies spend their advertising dollars online rather than off.

When placing ads in newspapers and magazines, many camp directors think they need to buy a full-page ad to seperate themselves from other advertisers. But that’s not the case. You can spend much less money and STILL dominate the page.

Buy a 3/4 page ad instead. You’ll save a few bucks, and you’ll still own the spotlight because there won’t be any room left for anyone else to get an ad as big as yours. You’ll have the page to yourself. Any other ads on the page will pale in comparison because they’ll be hidden in the random remaining 1/4 of the page.

Ad salespeople want you to believe you need a full-page ad to stand out from the crowd. Don’t take the bait. A 3/4 is just as good, and probably better since you’ll save money.

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