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New Website for Tweens Can Have a BIG BENEFIT on Your Marketing

If you’re like me, part of your marketing plan targets “tweens.” That’s why I thought you’d find this new website,, especially interesting.

Tween Tribune is a daily news site for tweens. Tweens post their own content, share links, make comments and all that. If I were you, I’d visit the site on a daily basis to monitor what’s new and hot from a tween’s perspective. Doing so can pay BIG dividends for your camp. Once you learn what tweens are into, you can tailor your marketing accordingly. Here’s an example.

If you’re on the Tween Tribune website and notice a conversation about horseback riding, you might find a way to share your own info about the equestrian program at your camp. The kids on the site might find that pretty cool!

That’s just one example. There’s many more ways you can use Tween Tribue to your advantage. Hope you find the site useful. I’m going on it right now…

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