The Proof is in the Search Results

After I claimed yesterday that "local marketing is where it's at", two camp directors emailed me (I'm still waiting for some public comments) wanting to know why I think marketing to your local community, rather than all over the place, is the best way to spend your marketing efforts and budget.

The proof is in the search results.

Try this experiment. Go to Google and key in some vague or indistinct terms. Try "milk," “french fries,” “grocery stores,” even "summer camps." What do you see?

You see that Google will almost always return LOCAL results from your query, often on a map connected to your computer's IP address. Google is doing your marketing work for you!

Now do you see why marketing local is where it's at?

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  1. Have to agree and at Altogether Outdoor in Denver and Mountain Day Camp in Boulder (same program w/2 names to reflect different local markets) we do the same thing!

    In the old days for other programs I'd buy lists based on zip code and do backpack marketing in specific zip codes for demographics. Now with the google campaigns I can target campaigns to certain zip codes and the results are great!

    Betsy Strohmaier
    Director, Altogether Outdoors & Mountain Day Camp

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