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Solid Title Tags are Crucial To Your Website’s Search Result Rankings

Hopefully you’re getting lots of hits on your website. One of the ways to make it more Google friendly” (and ranked higher in Google’s search engine rankings) is by having good title tags.

The title tag is the thin, horizontal (and usually blue) bar at the top of your browser. A short, concise and descriptive Website title relevant to the content and keywords on your page is best. I suggest keeping your page titles to 63 characters or less and including a different one on each page of your camp’s Website.

(The reason why is because Google only shows about 63 characters per search result and cuts off the rest. Not only is this unsightly, it hurts your opportunity to give your prospects the best possible search experience with respect to learning more about your camp.)

Here’s a link so you can learn how to write your title tag in HTML.

You might spend some time reviewing (and rewriting/improving, if necessary) your title tags on each of your web pages to make sure they relate to the content on each web page. This can have an enormous impact on your search result rankings, and Google will love you for it!

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