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How to Build Your Camp’s Brand Through Blog and Forum Comments

You work hard to get folks to come to your website or read your blog. But people aren’t always gonna seek you out. To make the most of your social marketing agenda and build your camp’s brand, it’s often up to you to initiate relationships.

Find 3 or 4 blogs or message boards related to kids, summer, camp, parenting, teens or whatever. Then, participate in their online communities. Leave relevant comments and ask important questions. Engaging with other participants online is an excellent way to build relationships, extend your camp’s brand and establish yourself as an expert.

Comment areas on blogs and message boards often allow HTML. If there’s a subtle natural way to incorporate your website address, by all means do so. But don’t run from site to site posting your camp’s url or blog address on every forum you can find. That’s spamming, and a fast way to ruin the solid reputation you’re trying to build.

If you’re adding value to the communities you participate in, the natural outcome will be more meaningful connections and engagement with other. And that, in turn, can lead to more campers.

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