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How to Steal Marketing Ideas from Other Industries

One of the best places to find new marketing ideas is outside the camp industry.

Remember Southwest Airlines’ “Friends Fly Free” promotion?

When I started Aloha Beach Camp, I “stole” that idea from Southwest. I ran a “Friends Come Free” offer, where every paying camper could bring one friend to camp for free. It worked like a charm.

Not only did I gain a competitive advantage breaking into a crowded marketplace filled with established camps, it generated word-of-mouth referrals like crazy. Customers and prospects loved it!

If not for Southwest Airlines, I doubt I’d have thought of this idea myself. So next time you’re looking for a marketing idea to blow your customers away, consider what other industries do. Pay attention to TV and magazine ads for new ideas, special offers and all that.

When you find something that interests you, don’t just admire it and move on. Instead, see if you can’t tweak it for your own marketing purposes.

Chances are, it’ll pay off big for you!

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