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Sometimes 1 is better than 100

Sometimes weeks go by without any feedback from readers of this blog, then boom, I’ll hear from lots of people at once. Today I got three emails from camp directors who each asked generally the same thing: What’s the BEST way to make social media marketing work for me (us)?

Every situation’s unique, just like every camp’s unique. But if you’re asking me to make a universal suggestion, it’d be this: don’t be a “friend whore” on facebook, and don’t spend your time trying to get as many followers as possible on twitter. The sheer number of friends, followers and fans you have is MUCH less important than how meaningful and relevant your connections are.

If I were you, I’d focus on establishing a smaller network of meaningful connections with influential people than trying to establish a huge network of friends, followers and fans you barely know.

I’d rather have just one person in my social network who will refer their friends and others they know to my camp than 100 people I wouldn’t recognize if I bumped into them tomorrow.

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