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What’s the #1 Mistake Camp Marketers Make?

I get this question often so thought I’d address it here. In my opinion, the #1 mistake camp marketers make is failing to promote their camp every day.

Think of it like this: every day you don’t market your camp is another day your competitors have the stage to themselves.

Especially in this shitty economy (and it’s still a shitty economy, despite all the “economic recovery” talk), you MUST have a consistent, ongoing marketing program in place so your customers and prospects aren’t tempted by your competition’s promotional message.

If you didn’t do that postcard mailing because you were too lazy; if you put off making a blog post because you decided to do it later instead; or if you didn’t update your website because you can just “do it tomorrow,” remember this: you’re giving your competition a nice opportunity to snag your customers away from you.

If I know you, you’re not into giving your competition nice opportunities. You’re into making it tough on them. That’s why you gotta keep banging away at your marketing every day.

It might not be fun, but choosing not to make marketing a daily routine is the worst mistake you can make.

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