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Girl Scout Cookie Marketing Ideas

Came across this article by a guy who’s apparently bitter some enterprising Girls Scouts found to new way to sell cookies.They posted a sign outside their house saying people could buy cookies by coming to the house.

It’s a brilliant idea in my book. You’re probably used to having the Girl Scouts ring our your doorbell or setting up shop outside the local supermarket.Those traditional marketing strategies are still great sales tools. But this is too.

I’ve ever seen Girl Scouts cookies sold this way. I guess the downside is strangers are gonna come to your door.

But the creativity the girls used here turns the upside in their favor. I’ll bet they’re selling a lot more cookies than they normal.They’re probably getting drive by traffic and all that. After they cover the cost of making the sign (couple bucks, maybe), they only need to sell a few more boxes of cookies to start making money.

One more thing crossed my mind. Look at the picture. See all the snow on the ground? Maybe it’s just too freakin’ cold this time of year to go door-to-door selling cookies. Maybe this notion forced the girls to be creative. In any case it’s a fantastic idea.

Read the article and let me know what you think.

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