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The Good and Bad of Google Adwords

Marketing your camp with Google Adwords can be a smart advertising strategy.

The way it works is, you tell Google what keyword terms you think people will use when searching for your camp on Google (such as “summer camps,” “day camps,” or “overnight camps”). When a user searches on those keywords, your ad comes up at the top of the page or on the sidebar.

What’s nice is, you only pay if people actually click on your ads. So in effect you’re only paying for results. You need to be careful though. Sneaky competitors can manipulate your Adwords strategy and hurt you.

For example, the malicious camp owner next door might click on your ads over and over again, with no other intention than to deplete your advertising budget.

Another dirty trick a competitor might do is use YOUR camp’s name as THEIR keyword. That means when someone searches on your camp’s name, your competitor’s camp comes up in Google’s search results instead.

If you haven’t used Google Adwords in the past, you might want to check it out. It’s an easy way to get to first page of Google’s search results. But it definitely has its downfalls, too.

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