How to Lose Email Subscribers With Poor Mailing List Management

Everyone hates spam. But I don't mind receiving email friends, relatives or informative sources who can help me run my camp better.

Problem is, today I received an email newsletter from the same company 3 TIMES in a row, within a matter of seconds. Maybe that means their email service provider is having deployment problems. But more likely it's a case of mailing list mismanagement. They probably have me on several different lists and don't even know it.

Given how many emails we all get already, it's CRUCIAL that I, you and the newsletter company in question maintain clean, accurate mailing lists so we don't piss anyone off.

Think of it this way. Some of our most precious customers and prospects are those who've opted-in to receive our email messages. "Opting-in" means they've given us permission to market to them.

We sure don't want to give them a reason to opt-out.

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