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How to Market To Moms on Facebook (They Love Coupons and Kids Stuff!)

Did you know moms love Facebook more than any other social networking website? If you read this blog even remotely from time to time, you probably do know that. Here’s some stuff you may not know.

The most popular pages for moms on Facebook are those with 1) coupons, and 2) kid-themed subjects.

This is yet another reason why I continue to say you should market your camp with coupons. In this economy, EVERYONE’s looking for a bargain…especially moms who are often responsible for maintaining family budget.

I run the website where you can add your camp for free. Plus there’s already 59 fans on the Camp Coupons facebook fan page, so you can hang out over there and connect with moms who are already interested in what you’re selling…summer camp for their kids! ๐Ÿ™‚

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