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How to Market Your Camp with Door Hangers

If you run a day camp, one marketing tactic you might try are doorhangers. You’ve probably seen them. They they kinda look like “do not disturb” signs and they, well, hang right on someone’s door handle.

The reason door hangers can be such a powerful marketing tool is they reach the EXACT group of people you’re targeting  — families — right at their homes.

All kinds of businesses use door hangers. I like them for day camps because they’re great for calling attention to local businesses. But overnight camps shouldn’t rule them out.

You can use doorhangers for many things, but annoucing special deals, getting people to call or go to your website, or even just letting families know you’re “the neighborhood camp” and ready to serve their summer camp needs are good places to start.

Another great thing about door hangers, they won’t break your budget. You can get them for pennies apiece. Your biggest cost will be distribution. But you can probably hire a high school kid or two to get your door hangers out there.

If you’re interested in giving door hangers a try, check out, or Let me know how they work.

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