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How to Strike Gold Commenting on Blogs and Message Boards

One way to get traffic to your website or blog is by leaving comments on other people’s blogs and message boards when those blogs and message boards relate to kids, parenting or camp in general. Sometimes you can even include a link back to your own site within your comment.

When commenting blogs or message boards, don’t just be like, “Oh, great post, dude,” and then move on to the next blog. Unless your comments are insightful and deliver great content, people will just read everyone else’s comments, ignoring yours. Surely they won’t click through to your site.

Now here’s a cool secret to generating traffic back to your website or blog through commenting on other blogs and message boards: Concentrate on building relationships with the other people who are commenting on the same blogs as you.

The reason why you can hit pay dirt with this strategy is because many of the folks who spend time commenting on blogs and message boards are often bloggers themselves. Not only do these people have influence, they’re always looking for good content to post on their own blogs.

See what I’m getting at?

If you’re leaving worthwhile comments and getting to know the other folks commenting on the same blogs you are, chances are you’ll eventually strike gold and at least one of those people will decide to write about your camp on their blog in the future.

Now if you think this means manipulating people into writing about you, or forming fake relationships so people will give you a mention, forget it. That’s not cool and it won’t work. Kissing people’s asses never does. They’ll see right through you.

Here’s what your takeaway from this post should be. Search the internet for camp-related blogs and message boards. Leave meaningful comments and develop relationships with other people commenting on the same stuff you are. The internet is a content-driven, social animal. That means it’s based on personal connections, and people sharing meaningful information.

One more thing before you go. If you need any proof about whether the strategies I’m talking about work, go ahead and leave a comment here. You never know…I just might write about your camp in an upcoming post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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