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Never Pay Full Price for Newspaper or Magazine Advertising

You’re in luck if traditional advertising is your thing. Since so many organizations have reallocated their promotional budgets to online advertising, newspaper and magazine publishers aren’t exactly having a ball trying to sell advertising space. So if you want to place ads in your local parenting magazine, I’ll bet you can get a bargain if you know how to negotiate.

Take my friend Holly. She owns one of those Kids Gymnastics places. She was sick and tired of paying full price for magazine advertising. So she told her sales rep she was gonna pull her ad in favor of online advertising which is cheaper and more effective.

Guess what? The sales rep freaked out and practically gave away the store to keep Holly as a customer.

Not only did the sales rep DOUBLE the ad size Holly was paying for, she also gave Holly a price break AND her choice of where she wanted the ad to appear. Naturally, Holly chose the upper right-hand corner of the page, which is where a reader’s eye gravitates when reading a newspaper or magazine.

Don’t be afraid to let your sales rep know what you want. In this economy and marketing environment, you’re in charge.

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