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Robert Scoble Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

Do you know who Robert Scoble is? He’s a high profile blogger/internet guy. For the most part he’s very well respected in internet circles. But recently he came up with this dangerously erroneous notion that 2010 marks the year search engine optimization won’t be important to market your website any more.

Here’s my take: The guy’s way off.

If you want to make your website fall off a cliff, listen to Scoble’s argument. If you want people to find your camp’s website online, don’t pay any attention to the fool.

As long as people use search engines to find websites (do you think Google’s going anywhere?), optimizing your website so people can find it is one of the very best things you can do.

You and I care too much about our websites — and our customers and our prospects and our camps — to dare listen to guys like this who think search engine optimization is dead.

There’s so many aspects to SEO, from keyword content to meta tags and descriptions to linking to commenting to word count to local profiles and so much more, ignoring ANY of them would be a hazardous to your website’s health.

Socble seems to think we should ignore SEO these days. Maybe we should ignore him instead.

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