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Social Marketing’s #1 Secret, Part 2

Yesterday we discussed the #1 secret of social media marketing which is resisting the urge to “sell” your camp to customers and prospects and focus on building relationships with them instead.

Heather O’Sullivan Canney is a Social Media Consultant in North Carolina. She explains how using this strategy on Facebook helped her business grow: “As a result of creating [my fan] page with the INTENTION of engaging, and not merely as an advertising platform, I now receive nearly 90% of my business via facebook.”

I don’t know if you can get 90% of your enrollment through Facebook. But as I’ve said in the past, summer camp marketing and social media marketing were MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

You might not have thought of this before, but your entire camp operation — from how you talk to parents to the way your counselors connect with kids — is based on social marketing. In fact you’ve probably been using “social marketing” for as long as you’ve run your camp, and certainly before the term even existed.

Since you run a camp, you’re already really good at engaging with customers and prospects. You’ve got an unfair advantage over others struggling to master this craft.

But now that the secret’s out, you’ve gotta be selfish. You’ve gotta use your social marketing skills to your full advantage. As I always say, you don’t want to manipulate anyone into coming to your camp. But you do want to make friends and influence their decisions.

You can do this with social media marketing and networking. You’re already doing it every day.

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