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What’s better, a Facebook Fan page, or Facebook Group?

Ever hear the phrase, “People Buy People”? It’s another way of saying people buy products and services from others they know and like. Why spend your hard-earned money with someone you don’t know if you could buy the same thing for the same price (or even a little more) from a trusted friend?

If there’s one thing we’re all trying to do, it’s get our customers and prospects to trust us. In the social media age, we can build relationships and get closer to our target audience in ways never before possible.

Facebook’s probably the best-known website to achieve your social networking goals. I’m sure you’re familiar with Facebook Fan and Group pages. But which is better for engaging with customers?

It depends what your goals are. According to Search Engine Journal, Fan pages are better for building long-term relationships, and groups are better for hosting discussions and attracting attention.

For Aloha Beach Camp, we maintain a Fan page for the general public and a group page for established customers, staff and friends. It’s seemed to work out well this way.

What kind of presence does your camp have on Facebook? Are you getting what you want from it?

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