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When Does Your Early Bird Discount Expire?

I assume you offer Early Bird discounts where people can save a few bucks at camp by signing up early. Aloha Beach Camp’s Early Bird deadline expires March 15. After that, people need to pay full price.

Or do they?

Especially this year, with the economy trying to come back and unemployment still through the roof, we’re considering extending our Early discount another month or two, possibly till April or May.

If you’re considering doing the same, it might be a great way to endear both new and existing customers to you.

Of course, this action risks pissing people off who scrambled like heck to get their enrollments in by the original date. Kinda like how you feel after paying full price for a new new shirt at the department store, then it goes on sale the next day.

So I guess if we do extend the deadline, we’ll need to come up with a little extra bonus for those people who rallied to get their stuff in by the original date.

Meanwhile, what’s your plan?

Are you extending your camp’s Early Bird discount this year?

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