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Why FREE is a Magic Word

The word “FREE” just grabs you. It’s one of the most powerful — if not the most powerful — word in marketing.

Everyone’s looking for a deal, especially in this economy. The question is, how can you use “free” when marketing your camp? Here’s 6 ideas to get you started:

  • Free t-shirt when signing up for camp
  • Free day of camp when signing up for 10 days of camp or more
  • Free camp session next year when you sign up for 2 sessions this year
  • Free registration when you sign up for camp by such and such date
  • Free prizes and giveaways at our next open house
  • Free upgrade to our premium Campers Photo Package when you subcribe to our Basic Camper Photo Package

Sometimes you can offer the same item or deal for free, but the way you say it makes all the difference. Check this out.

A dentist in my area made the following two offers to get customers to buy subscribe to his newsletter.

  1. “Subscribe to my newsletter for one year for just $100, and get the second year for only $50”
  2. “Subscribe to my newsletter for just $150 for one year, and get the second year free”

As you can see, both offers are exactly the same. The actual price to subscribe to the newsletter was $150 for two years. But the second offer — the “free” one — pulled 30% better than the first. Just goes to show how people will jump at free stuff, even when it’s not really free at all!

I hope I’ve given you some worthwhile ideas to work with. I’ll bet you can think of dozens more. If you need any help, post a comment and let me know. Good luck!

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