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How long has your camp been around?

Do parents ever ask how long you’ve been established? The longer, the better in their eyes; more years means more credibility.

They don’t know it, but when parents ask how long you’ve been around, they’ve actually given you a FANTASTIC opportunity to send them to your website or Facebook page without sounding like your typical “visit our website” sales pitch.

Let’s say you’ve been established 30 years. So when a parent asks, you can answer honestly and proudly: “This will be our 30th summer.”

But you don’t stop there.

Here’s what else you do.

You say, “And you know what? You can even see pictures of our early years on our website or Facebook photo album. We’ve got some really cool pictures from way back when we started. You can see how we’ve changed and grown and improved through the years. I think you’ll really like it!”

Bingo. Not only have you just blown the person away by telling them you’ve been around forever, you also just got a new website visitor and potential Facebook fan.

Obviously this won’t work if you’re a newer camp or don’t have a website or online photo album. But for established programs, it’s great.

Right now there’s some pictures on Aloha Beach Camp’s Facebook page we call “Old School Aloha Beach Camp.” There’s even one on our wall showing kids who used to be campers, and who are now COUNSELORS at Aloha Beach Camp.

If you’ve got pictures of your camp from the early years, start posting them today. People love nostalgia, and your old-time photos will help you grow your camp today.

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