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How to Become a Youth Marketing Master

You may have noticed our latest poll deals with marketing to kids. Whether you’ve got an ethical issue with that is your business. That’s what the poll is for. But however you feel about youth marketing, you’d do well to study its intricacies and various ways to connect with kids, because kids are typically the KEY INFLUENCERS in a family’s camp decision-making process.

Personally I have no problem marketing to kids. I don’t want to fall behind my competition. So I make a concerted effort to study youth marketing and its subtleties.

I suggest you spend at least a half-hour each day visiting various kids’ websites like these and others:

The folks who run these sites are youth marketing MASTERS. Their only job is to capture and keep kids’ attention so they can build connections and brand awareness and eventually sell stuff to kids.

You can capture a wealth of marketing tips just looking at these sites. Pay close attention to the pictures, language, shapes, designs, sounds and colors on these sites. These are the marketing nuances that push kids’ buttons.

Spending thirty minutes a day on these sites is more than worth your time given the amount of free marketing knowledge you can absorb. You’re probably online that much anyway so why not check them out?

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