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How to Increase Your Enrollment 70% in 2 Weeks

I’m not sure if you can increase your enrollment 70% in 2 weeks. Maybe you can, maybe not. But if the title of this post got your attention, now you know the power of using specifics, not generalities, in your marketing.

When you speak and write in specifics, your marketing message comes across more persuasively. You sound more credible and believable. And you capture prospects’ attention more easily.

What if the title of this post was, “How to increase your enrollment in a short period of time”?

Well, a “short period of time” is a general statement. It doesn’t grab you. It doesn’t convey the same power as saying, “70% in 2 weeks,” because “70% in 2 weeks” is convincing and specific.

Using specific names, numbers, dates, prices, and facts is the most effective way to write sales copy. Check out these examples of how and why using specifics, not generalities, is the more effective way to promote your camp.

General Discount Offer: We have some great money-saving offers for you this year.
Specific Discount Offer: Save $168 off our second camp session when you sign up for session #4.

General Proof: Most kids love our camp so much, once they attend just once they keep coming back year-after-year. We must be doing something right.”
Specific Proof: “We have a 94% camper return rate. That means for every 100 kids that come to camp, 94 come back the next year. We’re sure you child will love it that much, too. If not, we’ll give you all your money back.”

General Credentials: We are an accredited camp
Specific Credentials: We’ve been Accredited by the American Camp Association for the 15th year in a row. That means you can expect us to deliver the highest possible camp program to your family this summer.”

General Activity Promotion: We’ve added lots of new activities this year.
Specific Activity Promotion: We’ve added 3 new camp activities this year including a new horse ring, archery range and swimming pool.”

General Customer Testimonial: “You have a wonderful camp. My kid loved it!” – Jenny W.
Specific Customer Testimonial: “You have a wonderful camp. My kid loved it.” – Jennifer Winter, mom of 7-year-camper Kelly from Chatsworth, California

General Call to Action: “Visit website for more information.”
Specific Call to Action: “Be one of our first 50 website visitors in the next two hours to win a free prize, or call (818) 919-1713 for today’s telephone specials.”

I hope these examples help. Next time you’re writing a sales letter, web content, or anything else, make sure any general stuff you mention can be updated to reflect more specifically what you’re saying.

Your enrollment list will thank you for it…maybe even by 70% in 2 weeks!

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