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How to Rise in Yahoo’s Search Result Rankings.

I’m as guilty as anyone when optimizing my website for the search engines. I tend to focus my attention on Google and hope for the best with Yahoo, Bing and the others. Unfortunately that’s not a good strategy. Here’s why.

Despite Google’s dominance, Yahoo still get hundreds of thousands (actually, millions and millions) of searches each day. The good news is, it doesn’t seem too hard to crack Yahoo’s algorithmic code if you want to start rising in its search result rankings.

From what I’ve observed, Yahoo places inordinate weight on your title tag(s) to rank your pages and site. Title tags appear as those blue clickable links on the search results page.

To see for yourself how much weight Yahoo places on title tags, go to and enter a search term. Any word or phrase will do.

After you enter the word or phrase, pay close attention to the results you see. Those title tag links almost always match your inputed keyword(s) — very often verbatim!

The lesson for all of us? It wouldn’t be a waste of our time — in fact, it’d probably be a great use of our time — to make sure our web pages have clear, concise, well-written title tags.

Surely Google places a high emphasis on title tags, too. But I think Yahoo gives the title tag more weight. Spend some time working on your title tags and you could see an appreciable surge in your Yahoo search results…and in Google’s, too.

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