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Surefire ways to get newspaper or magazine articles written about your camp

How’d you like a newspaper or magazine article written about your camp? That’s PR, and it’s a high-impact, low-cost way to establish credibility, build name recognition and reach untold numbers at people at once.

Much of the stuff you read in newspapers and magazines everyday comes from people like you who pitch story ideas to authors and editors. Many writers aren’t creative enough to come up with story ideas on their own. Instead they rely you for things to write about.

When a writer considers a story, they want timely, newsworthy, relevant information for their readers. Now that spring is here, you’ll see more and more stories appearing about camp because camp is a relevant topic this time of year, and information about camp is beneficial to the public at large.

Some publications get pitched hundreds, if not thousands, of times each day. Like anything else, your idea must stand out if you hope to pique the author’s interest.

Or does it?

Here’s a practically surefire way you can get stuff written about your camp whenever you want.

Pitch your story to:

  • Volunteer-run association newsletters
  • Publications of membership groups
  • Large companies who print newsletters for their staff
  • Weekly “throwaways” you get in your driveway or mailbox

These places are STARVED for material. They’ll publish almost any story as long as it features local people or places (you and your camp) and/or benefits its readers or employees.

Regarding employees, targeting company publications is among the easier ways to get your foot in the door. Businesses are always looking for ways to offer free employee benefits. Your article could be the ticket. One chiropractor I know pitched a story to a local t-shirt manufacturer. The t-shirt place printed a story about the chiropractor in its company newsletter. The employees loved it and the chiropractor picked up lots of new business.

If I know you, your mind is spinning a 100 MPH contemplating places to submit your stuff. Why not fish where the big fish are? Here’s a list compiled by Fortune Magazine of the best places for women to work. Many of these organizations publish newsletters for their employee moms. I’ll bet you can get a write-up in any number of them.

One more thing. Many people I advise decide not to try PR because they’re afraid of rejection. Don’t be intimidated! Not everything you pitch will be accepted, but these publications NEED your stories, otherwise they’d have nothing to write about.

Go ahead and see what you can do. Start with the HR departments. Ask who’s responsible for creating the company newsletter. Then ask the person responsible about their story submission guidelines. Make your pitch and see what happens. You’ll be pleased with the results!

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