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The #1 FREE Search Engine Optimization Strategy in the World

I don’t know about you but I HATE paying for advertising. Instead I shoot for my enrollment to be 85% referral based, and the other 15% from people finding us organically in search engine rankings and other online means.

In the past, when I was starting out — and this still goes for other camps who might be new or struggling — you might need to pay for advertising. Google adwords is a very effective tool you can use for people to find your camp online. But it can be also be very expensive, especially when you’re bidding for popular keywords.

So if you’re like me, you want folks to find your camp organically in the search results. Who doesn’t want their website to come up first on Google…for free?

I can’t guarantee your site can be the first people see when they search for camps online. But I can share with you the #1 way to improve your chance of getting your site to rank more effectively on Google without paying a dime:

Get links, more links, and MORE LINKS from other websites. And make sure those links are related to sites dealing with camps and kids
Getting quality links isn’t easy. It’s an art, and it’s hard. Here’s a few links to some of the better articles and websites that show you how:

1. Seobook

When you’re trying to acquire links, it’s a better idea not to “trade” links with other sites. Google doesn’t like that. It’s much more worth your while when a site links to you without your reciprocity. (See what I mean when I say it’s hard?)
Anyway, if you’re gonna spend time doing just one thing to improve your search ranking, acquiring links from other sites is your best bet. Here’s a tip to get you started: start connecting with bloggers and writers who might have an interest in writing about you. This is a strategy I use a lot, and it works pretty well. Once you become friends with someone like that they’re inclined to write about you because 1) they like you, and 2)  they feel like they’re sharing important information with their readers. 
So don’t waste another minute. Get started on your link-building efforts today!

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