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Camp Doesn’t Start For a Few Months. But What are You Doing now to Connect with Current Registrants?

Maybe you’ve got lots of kids already signed up for camp, but camp doesn’t start for another few months. I know you’re probably crazy preparing for camp and you’ve got lots of other stuff going on. But don’t miss this phenomenal opportunity to really please and connect with your new families (and even generate more sales from them) between the time of their initial enrollment and when camp starts.

Use the time before camp starts to your advantage to really “wow” your customers. Now that they’ve signed up, strike while the iron’s hot. Send your customers surprise gifts. Write and send them personal letters about how much fun they’re gonna have at camp. Put on a pre-camp party for new families. Offer a pre-camp discount for enrollment extensions (if someone’s already signed up for 2 weeks, now’s a perfect the time to get them to add one more). Engage your families on Facebook and have them fan your page. Email them periodically to let them know you’re here for them.

It’s important to remember that your customer relationships begin the moment they sign up for camp, NOT when they arrive at camp the first day. Marketers who clue into this will have a much better time endearing camp families to them, earning their trust, getting lots of referrals and repeat campers too.

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