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Facility Maintenance is Camp Marketing, Too

I’ve always wanted to start a summer program in Hawaii, so I visited a camp there recently. I’m afraid the director forgot to include “facility maintenance” in his list of marketing activities.

Facility upkeep is as much a part of marketing as your camp’s website or brochure. It’s all part of your image.

Even if chipped paint and broken door handles don’t matter to you, others will make decisions to attend — or not attend — your camp based on its appearance.

If I were a parent, I’d have been turned off by the Hawaii camp’s unkempt premises. I had the impression the directors were careless. If they couldn’t take care of their own place, how could they take care of my kid?

Message here? Simple.

Even though you might not notice your run-down equipment and torn-up archery targets because you see them everyday, they send a negative signal to parents.

So make sure your camp facilities are clean and attractive from the bathrooms to the mess hall. This will keep your image strong and cause any impressions your site makes on people to be good ones.

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