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“How Much Money Should a Parent Pay for Camp?”

This is the absolute best time of year to promote your camp. People are already in the market for what you’re selling. Half your work is done for you. Hot prospects are everywhere.

Wanna know just how easy it can be to lock up one new enrollment after another? Just direct your marketing to what families want – camp – and they could be hooked.

When I graduated from high school, I needed to buy a new car for college. I’d never bought a car before, so I had all kinds of questions in my mind:

1. What kind of car should I get?
2. How much should I pay for it?
3. What are the features I should be looking for in a car?

About this same time, I saw a newspaper ad from a Toyota dealer in Santa Monica. The ad’s headline read, “How Much Money Should You Pay for a Car?”

And you know what? I read every word in that ad five times. And then (perhaps stupidly) I bought my new car from that dealership without even considering other dealerships or other cars!

As the school year winds down, your customers and prospects are thinking similarly to the way I did.

The car dealership’s ad did not “create” my need to buy a new car — I’d already decided beforehand I was gonna get one — but what the car dealer’s ad did do was smack me right in the face with the information I needed to help me make a buying decision at the exact time I wanted to buy.

The takeaway? Now that it’s springtime, families everywhere are contemplating summer opportunities for their kids. That means they’re ready to buy what you’re selling. Give them the information they need – for example, an ad with the headline, “How Much Money Should a Parent Pay for Camp?” – and signing up new kids could be like shooting fish in a barrel.

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