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How to List Your Website on Google, Yahoo and Bing for Free

Even though your website and blog may already be included in the top search engines, it doesn’t hurt to cover your bets. Here’s where you can add your sites to Google, Yahoo and Bing for free:

Here’s where to submit your site to Google:

Here’s where to submit your blog to Google:

Here’s where to submit to site to Yahoo:

Here’s where to submit your site to Bing:

You might also try DMOZ,  the open directory project. DMOZ is a massive internet directory run by volunteers who understand the needs of the internet users. It’s a little harder to get included there, but if you do, it can pay off big time. In fact DMOZ is so potentially influential that many of the smaller (and larger!) search engines often use the sites listed in DMOZ to deliver search results to their own users.

It sounds funny, but MILLIONS of people still don’t even use the internet. As they eventually come on board, more families will find your camp online. You certainly don’t want to be overlooked in cyberspace. So take a few minutes and make sure you’re camp’s listed everywhere possible across the internet today.

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