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How to make sure your website is viewable on cell phones

Is your website optimized for mobile devices like cell phones? Can people see your website on their cell phones?
I’ve blogged about this before, but in the past few weeks many camp directors have asked me how to make their websites cell-phone compatible. So I thought it’d be worthwhile to revisit this topic today.
Now that camp marketing season’s in full swing, more and more people are using their cell phones and other mobile instruments to access the internet and view your website. 
The problem is, most websites look terrible on cell phones. The reason why is because most sites are not optimized for the smaller screen size.
Do this right now: Take out your cell phone, and go to your camp’s website. What does it look like?

Hopefully it looks pretty good, but chances are, probably not. 
So here’s what you need to do. You need to create three different versions of your website for these three different screen sizes:
  1. PC
  2. Smart phone
  3. Basic (WAP) phone
Once your site’s set up to accommodate these three screen sizes, you can be sure your growing mobile audience can view it clearly from anywhere and everywhere.
I suggest starting at and registering a .mobi domain extension for your camp’s website (.mobi is an alternative to .com and stands for “mobile” to ensure compatible content. So, for example, my website would be for viewing on standard computers, but also for mobile devices.)
Nice thing is, you can build your own mobile-compatible website on your own without help from a professional web designer. You can do online for free, it’s relatively easy, and it won’t take very long. Visit right now, and you can have your cellphone-compatible website viewable on cell phones in just a few hours or less.
In the past, a mobile website was a nice luxury to have, almost an “add-on” or an “afterthought.” Not anymore. 
Why? Because for every one personal computer purchased, four times as many people buy cell phones. 
That means there’s countless numbers of people whose main access point to your camp’s website is via their cell phone. 
So don’t wait any longer before making certain your site is compatible with every possible tool someone might use to view it.


  1. jon stewart jon stewart October 29, 2010

    If you use a new .mobi then do you have to start over with the seo or will it just be linked to
    your existing site?

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