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How to Piss Off Your Best Customers (Not something you wanna do!)

I subscribe to several magazines. One of my favorites is, or was, Inc. Magazine before they pissed me off so much I canceled my subscription after 6 loyal years.

Here’s what happened. I’ve got three young kids who love to read, so my wife and I take them to bookstores all the time. We like Barnes and Noble and Boarders the best because they have cool kid’s sections.

But every time we’d go to the bookstore, I kept noticing the newest issue of Inc. Magazine was already on the shelf BEFORE it even arrived at my house about a week later. This gave me the impression Inc. was more interested in selling magazines to one-time buyers off the street rather than loyal customers like me who’d been subscribing forever. Why should I have to wait an extra week to get my magazine when the average Joe could just walk in and get his first?

I hope you, like me, are always looking for ways to keep loyal customers happy. Serving your best families first should be your top priority.

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