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How to use Traditional Offline Advertising Strategies In Conjunction with Your Online Marketing Efforts

When the internet first got popular, lots of people said it was a fad. Well, now we know it’s here to stay, and the marketing opportunities it lends your camp are phenomenal.

But that doesn’t mean traditional (“offline”) advertising is dead. You could even make the case that some forms of traditional advertising even work better simply BECAUSE the Internet exits. Take direct mail.

Due to the Internet, direct mail has seen a resurgence in popularity and effectiveness among camp marketers in recent years. The reason why is because you can use direct mail to drive traffic to your website and generate more online leads.

Next time you do a postcard mailing, try an experiment. Have your postcard’s marketing message send people to your website. Maybe your postcard could say, “Looking for a summer camp? Visit our website to learn more about our program.” Make sure you put your camp’s website address prominently on your postcard. Then watch your website traffic spike up a few days later when the postcards arrive in people’s homes.

If you’re not into direct mail, you can still do this experiment in other offline advertising mediums. You could place a classified ad in your local newspaper or parenting magazine, again directing people to your website. And again you should notice a direct correlation between when you placed the ad and increased traffic to your website.

Despite the incredible allure of the Internet to promote your camp, don’t forget that offline advertising still works and, in many cases, makes your online marketing activities better.

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