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Put a video on your home page and watch the magic happen

Video marketing (youtube, dailymotion, etc.) is becoming the most popular method of internet marketing. Among the many ways you’ll benefit by marketing your camp with videos is:

  1. People love sharing them (so they’re an ideal form of social media marketing and can help your site go viral)
  2. They help build emotional connections with your audience (so your prospects and customers will trust you more)
  3. They help turn your website into a lead generation machine rather than just an online brochure

Consider posting a short video clip right on your website or blog … and I mean right on the very first page. (Don’t set your video start playing automatically; let website visitors click the video to play it if they choose.)

But believe me, they will choose to play it. The temptation to watch a video when it’s right in front of you is overwhelming. (To see what I mean, check out my blog at; the video’s easy to find at the top of the page before all the posts, so people can watch it right away. And, I’ve discovered almost 100% of the people who visit my blog watch the video. Can’t beat that!)

Just imagine a short video clip of yourself or your staff or happy campers on your homepage telling — indeed, showing — people why they should attend your camp. This is very powerful idea and it works. If you have a camp video buried inside your website or, even worse, sitting unused on your computer, post it to your homepage today.

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