The Top 5 Traits of All Good Websites

Nobody knows for sure how many millions of websites are on the internet. But we do know this: all the good ones share the same five characteristics: 

The best websites are:
  1. Visually appealing. This means perfectly matching color combos with nice layout and design 
  2. User-friendly. The best websites are easy to navigate. Novice web surfers should be able to their way around your site quickly and easily.
  3. Optimized for search engines. (Not just Google, but all of them.) 
  4. Aware of their audience. For example, your camp's website should appeal to kids and parents alike, not just one or the other
  5. Updated frequently. New pictures, content and material keep your site fresh, useful and relevant.
These five qualities are not hard to master. But there's too many lazy people running websites who don't take the time to make sure their sites meet these standards. If your camp's website stands up to these traits, you're golden.


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