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You can’t outsmart Google. But you CAN outsmart your website searchers!

You can try to “think like Google” and when optimizing your website and try to outsmart it the other search engines. Unless you’re a programmer with inside knowledge of how Google works, forget it. You’ll be better off just thinking like a a regular person — a typical “website searcher” —  and optimizing your site that way.

Points to remember:

  • Search engines can’t see pictures or video. Be sure to add include “alt” tags with tight descriptions and keywords for all your images. (That’s one way to get your pics to come up in Google image searches, for example)
  • Don’t overload your page with keywords and keyword phrases. Use Google’s Webmaster Tools to help you identify the exact keywords folks are using to find your site, then sprinkle those words and phrases throughout you page. (Again, don’t overdo it….).
  • Search engines love fresh content. Try to update your site at least twice a week. Three times is better.
  • You need clear, concise title and description tags relevant to each of your web pages. Each page should have different tags.
  • Google doesn’t use keyword tags anymore, but it the other search engines might so it won’t hurt to have some.

Don’t waste your time trying to crack the Google code.  It’s like Coke’s secret recipe – nobody will ever crack it. Instead, use the tried and true website optimization strategies mentioned above. They work and have been proven in action.

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